Tidewater VA Property Management and Mold

Tidewater VA Virginia Property Management and Mold

Virginia Property Management and INDOOR MOLD

Worker Safety & Minimizing Liability

As a Property Manager, you know that mold can be a dangerous situation for building occupants. But did you know that the average maintenance worker employed by a Virginia Property Management Company has a substantially higher risk for mold related illness than the average person?

If your maintenance staff has ever been asked to clean mold without the proper training, certifications or personal protective equipment, then they are at risk for mold-related illness and may pose a significant liability risk to your Company. Education & Training can help keep your maintenance staff safe and minimize your liability.

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Mastertech’s Mold Training For Tidewater Area Virginia Property Managers

Mastertech’s FREE MOLD TRAINING teaches Property Managers and Maintenance Staff how to identify mold and how to properly protect themselves when working in an environment with mold. Virginia property management mold seminars can be held at your facility (or ours if preferred) and typically last 30 minutes. Mastertech provides all training materials and of course food and drink.

Seminar Topics: 

  • What to look for – Signs of mold in an indoor environment.
  • Can it make me sick? – Health symptoms related to mold.
  • Moisture /Ventilation Issues – Identifying conducive conditions for mold.
  • Proper, personal protective equipment – Respirators and protective body coverings.
  • Remediation advice – for small areas of mold.
Tidewater Property Management and Mold