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Hoarding cleanup company

Safely and efficiently restoring property to its pre-hoarding condition is a difficult task. Mastertech’s Virginia hoarding cleanup professionals help relieve the burden for family, friends and those closest to the situation. At Mastertech, we are sensitive to the concerns and emotions of those who may be present at the cleanup scene. They may have questions or fears, or may simply need a sympathetic smile and comforting word. Our staff understands the shock and grief they are feeling, and responds with respect, discretion and genuine concern. Easing both the physical and the psychological burden of hoarding cleanup, we are proud to partner with home and business owners in need of compassionate, skilled property restoration.

Mastertech’s Local Cleanup Services in Virginia

  • Junk Removal
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Distressed Property Cleanup
  • Pack Rat Cleanup
  • Odor Removal
  • Disinfection
  • Estate Cleanout
  • Office Cleanout
  • Foreclosure Cleanout
  • Home Cleanout
  • Cat Hoarding Cleanup
  • Animal Hoarding Cleanup

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Professional Junk Removal Virginia

Mastertech Environmental is a locally owned remediation company specializing in specialty cleaning and junk removal services for hoarding situations, estate cleanouts, foreclosure cleanouts, extreme clutter and more. Sometimes life gets away from us, and it can be challenging to get rid all that stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. Whether you inherited a cluttered home, helping a hoarder, planning a move or dealing with a distressed property – removing the junk on your own can be difficult, so let the professionals help.

Our junk removal and haul away team is specially trained and experienced in dealing with extreme clutter. If you need help removing unwanted junk, the Mastertech Team can help. Call our local Virginia office today to speak with team member and learn more about our services near you – 757-932-2772.

Estate Cleanout, Real Estate Cleanout, Clutter Removal & Hoarding Cleanup

Whether you inherited a property filled with junk or you are just ready to properly declutter your home – Mastertech’s junk removal and hauling services are specially geared towards the removal of unwanted junk, estate cleanouts and hoarding cleanups. Finding the proper way to get rid of the stuff that gathers in your home or office can be a big hassle.

It is time consuming and involves heavy lifting. Extreme cluttered can also be hiding various underlying issues that could present health and safety risks. Mastertech’s cleanup experts are specially trained to provide the junk removal, debris hauling and cleaning services needed to cleanout residential and commercial properties throughout Virginia.

Unwanted Junk Removal & Hauling Virginia

Deep Cleaning, Disinfection & Odor Removal Services For Distressed Properties

In addition to removing and hauling the junk, we also offer deep cleaning and disinfection services to restore clean and safe conditions. Situations involving extreme clutter like hoarding situations, distressed properties, estate cleanouts, or foreclosed properties often also require a detailed cleaning with disinfection and odor elimination. Cluttered homes often present certain sanitation concerns and health risks. Junk buildup and hoarding will almost always lead to the acumination of dirt, dust, bacteria, debris and potential biohazards.  It is just not possible to thoroughly clean around all that clutter and properly maintain the home with so much stuff in the way.

At Mastertech Environmental, we understand what it takes to clean, deodorize and disinfect a property that has been subject to years of clutter and junk accumulation. That is why we offer more than just junk removal. A distressed property or the property of a hoarder is usually packed floor-to-ceiling of unless junk, trash and various debris.

These properties are often riddled with serious sanitation concerns, various maintenance problems and countless safety risks, likely hidden underneath all that junk. Our technicians are specially trained to safely navigate these environments, clear out the unwanted junk, trash and debris AND address any dirt, grime or waste buildup to restore clean, safe and livable conditions.

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